Moss removal


Eco friendly industrial practices in the UK have helped the growth of Moss to thrive in the last few decades. Before 80s, this phenomenon was unheard of. Mosses, lichens and algae grow best where there is moisture and especially the edges where the slates of roofs overlap. This in turn leads to growth of more micro-organisms that result in water retention in tiles. The water retention dampens areas internally, damaging the infrastructure. If the problem is left to persist, customers complain about tiles cracking due to frost penetration. And most of all, who wants to see the exterior of the house to look unwelcoming due to growth of moss?

We serve domestic as well as industrial customers for the purpose of moss removal. We make sure that we do not damage the building during removal. Our low pressure soft washes, along with bio friendly chemicals and state of the art tools and brushes help remove moss most thoroughly. The results are outstanding as well as long lasting.

Our customers are always satisfied with our service as we tailor our service according to the need of our valuable customers. Be it washing with low pressure, quick washing, washing by using only brushes and scrapers or, with the use of bio-friendly chemicals. We know how to do it all.

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