K-rend cleaning


External building render cleaning can mean a costly repaint job. What if we told you that you can save yourself from a repainting job with our specialisation of cleaning of external building render? We remove all stains from algae and other organic matter without applying high pressure washing.

Many K-rend cleaners recommend high pressure washing, for fast results. But the high pressure causes damage to the building that warrants further expense of repairing the infrastructure. On top of the physical damage, the high pressure wash leaves the building moister than before, resulting in favorable conditions of faster and more regrowth of the micro-organisms on your building.

We bring the building back to its original bright, clean and as new condition, without the high pressure technique or the need of a repainting. So hire us and save money now!

We clean all manner of residential and commercial buildings, from offices to large blocks of flats. An example of what’s possible is shown above.

We provide a reliable, friendly and highly professional service to all of our customers. We give individual consideration to every job that we carry out as no two jobs, nor properties, are the same. We conduct a thorough analysis of the building and understand the needs of our clients before choosing our cleaning techniques. That is why Madleys exterior cleaning services are most preferred in not just Bristol but Nationwide. You can trust Madley’s for all of your exterior cleaning needs for Residential and Commercial properties without having to worry about high cost or post building repair jobs.

The cleanliness of your property is our priority

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