Concrete & brick cleaning


The beauty of brick cleaning is achieved when bricks are cleaned to reveal the original colour and texture of the brickface, without losing their originality. At Madley’s external cleaning service we apply specially formulated brick cleaners carefully and rinse them off for thorough cleaning and authentic results.

We cater to both our industrial and domestic customers according to their needs. Our high-standard equipment coupled with quality cleaning products will amaze you with the results. We take extra care to restore brick to its original state and color.

Imprinted concrete is a modern way of making driveway and pathways look impressive. The concrete makes the infrastructure aesthetically pleasing and robust, but not necessarily maintenance free. Harsh weather conditions and time will eventually wear off the surface making it look old, dirty and lackluster. We recommend a cleaning by Madley’s exterior cleaning service with our smart and clean bio-wash technology at least once a year to make your drive ways, patios and pathways look brand new!

Once the bricks are cleaned, a resin-based clear sealant is applied that keep the original look intact for long term. It prevents from moisture and keeps the micro-organisms away for longer, keeping your outdoor areas looking pristine. What’s more? We also provide recolouring services at most competitive rates!

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“The cleanliness of your property is our priority.”